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Welcome to About Turtle Time

Thank you visiting us. We are a turtle and tortoise Santuary. 

We opened About Turtle Time Sanctuary in 1993 and the Museum 2003. We have around 120 live turtles, 25 different kinds at this time and are always looking for more to add to our collection. We work with local Game and Fish in doing rescues and relocation. We also take in turtles that people can no longer care for because of various circumstances. We have some turtles that can be adopted but for the most part it is for educational purposes. Information is key to helping preserve the turtle's and tortoise's we have in the world. Too many are being lost at an alarming rate because of habitat loss and poachers.

We are open all year (weather permitting) 10:00am to 5:00pm for educational tours. Closed Wednsesdays for mantainence and cleaning. You must call first to schedule an appointment.

Tours start on the hour. Last tour at 4:00pm. Tours are outdoors, good sun protection is recommended.

Admission: Adult $5.00 Donation per person

                  Child $3.00 Donation per person

Many people would love to have a turtle but dont have the time to take care of it or your turtle may not be able to live where you are. We have made arrangements to do that very thing for you. If you would like to send money to watch a turtle grow and live in our sanctuary, you can for $10 a month. We will send you an email with a picture of it each month. Just click on the email below and let us know what kind of turtle you are interested in watching grow.
This month's special is our Three Toed Box Turtles:


If you would like to take home your turtle Box turtles babies can be adopted for $100 each.